The Gold Fields Advant’edge (Property)


To maximise the return and potential of your investment property.


We develop a bespoke property management strategy, minimising costs, maximising returns and development potential.


A tailored property management plan that utilises the resources of the wider Gold Fields Residential network to ensure your investment property is proactively managed.

10 Critical Things We Do When Managing Your Property


Along with Internet advertising, we carry out frequent showings of your property as well as private appointments.

Tenant Selection

We have developed a rigorous tenant selection criteria, conducting by our in-house tenant management team. This means prospective tenants will be well vetted, to insure we find the best tenant for your investment.

Lease Signing

Our expert team will handle all legal documentation and will act as the conduit between you, and the complex world of residential and commercial tenancy leases.

Routine Inspections

Inspections are conducted every six months with detailed reports supplied to all our clients on their property’s condition.

Rental Arrears

We follow up on all rental payments once they are more than three days in arrears and serve the relevant notices in due course.

Rental Reviews

In line with our commitment to driving sustainable returns, we will review rents periodically, annually according to current market conditions and comparable rental properties.

Lease Negotiations

You and your tenant are notified prior to the expiration of any lease, with either party’s preference being sought in regards to ongoing tenancy.

Repairs & Maintenance

We understand that repairs and maintenance can be one of the largest expenses of any investment property. We are happy to work with any of your chosen tradespeople, or alternatively, utilise the services of Gold Field’s approved tradespeople, who in addition to being cost effective, have been checked for licenses and insurance requirements.

Rental Statements

Rent will be collected on a fortnightly basis (unless you indicate otherwise) with fully itemised statements being forwarded to you.

Vacating Tenants

We take the stress out of replacing tenants by coordinating inspections with existing tenants for prospective tenants to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible.